Spotlight: Tin Man (Bliss #1.5) by Lisa Henry & Heidi Belleau

TITLE:  Tin Man Tin Man (Bliss, #1.5)

SERIES:  Bliss #1.5

AUTHOR:  Lisa Henry & Heidi Belleau

PUBLISHER:  Riptide Publishing

LENGTH:  134 Pages


Petty thief Ashoka “Ace” King knows better than to get in the way of Tophet’s Anti-Terrorist Unit. Rightfully feared in Tophet’s crime-ridden underbelly, a face-to-face encounter with an ATU is almost certainly a death sentence. But Ace has never been one to follow the rules.

Soren Lau might be an ATU rookie, but he’s not naive enough to believe everything his superiors tell him. Then again, he’s not stupid enough to disobey them, either. If he doesn’t shoot and kill as ordered, he might be next on their list.

But when Soren meets Ace, a moment’s hesitation is all it takes to put both their lives on the line. They don’t know each other, they don’t trust each other, and there’s no way in hell they can both walk away from this alive. But with suspicion and mortal danger mounting against both of them—and the forbidden attraction blazing between them—there’s nothing they can do but try.

RATING: I loved it!


Dark Erotica, Dark M/M Fantasy, Dub-con, Rough Sex, Enemies to Lovers


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