Review: Vice and Exploitation (Love is an Open Road) by J.T. Hall

TITLE:   Vice and ExploitationVice and Exploitation

COLLECTION: Love is an Open Road

AUTHOR:     J.T. Hall

LENGTH:     63 Pages


Dear Author,
I never expected the cops to bust in on my photoshoot! How was I supposed to know that the modeling agency was just a front for prostitution? I’m not a hooker! You’d think the two Vice cops would have better things to do than to keep shooting me glances. What is with all the smirks? It’s not my fault they won’t let me get dressed! What am I going to do now? Why do I get the feeling I’m not ready for what I read in their eyes


This was a hot story about an undercover swat operation taking down a supposed modeling agency. The young and gorgeous, Travis, comes in for his photo shoot, not knowing anything about the agency and ends up in the middle of the swat operation. However, the photo shoot gets a bit steamy, which leads to more kinky and hot things to follow.

I loved this story. This has to be one of the few M/M/M books that I read which didn’t leave me wondering what was going on. When it comes to menage, I’m often confused about who’s doing what, but this was written so well that I never had to stop and try to figure out what was going in. Though the negotiations prior to sex seemed a bit much, it made for the perfect M/M/M BDSM scene. I would love to see more of these three together. I recommend this book to anyone who loves BDSM, menage, M/M detectives, and M/M Erotica.

RATING: Loved it!


BDSM, Kink, M/M Erotica, M/M/M Erotica, Ménage, Sex Worker