Spotlight: Skin Deep (Fae #1) by S.W. Vaughn

TITLE:     Skin Deep Skin Deep (Fae, #1)

SERIES:      Fae #1

AUTHOR:     S.W. Vaughn

PUBLISHER:     Loose Id

LENGTH:   199 Pages         


Will Ambrose knows everything about love — except how to find it himself. He hosts a popular GLBT relationship radio show, but his own affairs have been rocky and abusive. With sexy, seductive tattoo artist Cobalt, it’s lust at first sight. Unfortunately he’s already involved … until that night, when his late arrival home sends his cop partner into a jealous, violent rage.

Cobalt is a Fae, banished to live among humans. His studio, The Grotto, is both a hot spot for the NYC body art crowd and a haven for other Fae seeking protection. Though he’s given up on relationships, since his human lovers tend to go insane when they discover his true nature, he can’t help his lustful reaction to Will when the radio host visits The Grotto. He tries to dismiss it, but is compelled to get involved when a cab deposits a battered, broken Will at his door, with Cobalt’s name on his lips.

Can their powerful attraction — and phenomenal sex — overcome an abusive closeted cop, a traitorous Fae who tries to divide them, and an ex-lover with inhuman powers who’ll stop at nothing to take Cobalt back … including going through Will?

RATING: Loved it!


Abuse, BDSM, Captive, Dark M/M Fantasy, Graphic Violence, Kidnapping, M/M Dark Erotica, Non-con, Non-consensual BDSM, POV of Victim


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Book review: Cethe by Becca Abbott

TITLE:    Cethe Cethe

AUTHOR:     Becca Abbott

PUBLISHER:     SL Publishing Group

LENGTH:     528 Pages


Human-like, but not human, the nara ruled Tanyrin for centuries. The most feared among them were their naragi, sorcerers whose power was all but invincible. Not until the coming of Arami Lothlain, King of Tanyrin and Blessed of Loth, did the rein of the nara come to a bloody end. For four hundred years afterwards, the land was at peace.

Stefn Eldering was the youngest son of the Earl of Shia, the last in a long, proud line of demon hunters. He was also a sin-catcher, living proof of God’s displeasure, the shame of his existence atonement for the sins of his ancestors. Michael Arranz was the son of a duke and one of the despised h’naran, half-bloods cursed with the blood of the nara running through their veins. Of all the h’nara, his family alone was immune from the persecution of the powerful Church of Loth, protected by an ancient covenant.

In ordinary times, the paths of Michael and Stefn would never have crossed. Alas, times were no longer ordinary. The latest of the Lothlain kings was a weakling, unable to curb the ambitions of an increasingly powerful, corrupt clergy. Famine stalked the land. Fear of the h’nara, fanned by the Church, spread tentacles everywhere. Tanyrin teetered on the edge of chaos.

A loyal and devoted friend to Tanyrin’s crown prince, Michael could refuse Severyn Lothlain nothing, not even when Severyn asked the unspeakable of him. Determined to wrest the throne from his brother, Severyn intended nothing less than the resurrection of the ancient naragi. Michael, whose naran blood was the purest in Tanyrin, was the logical choice. But for Michael become what mankind feared most, he needed a conduit through which to take the powerful, dangerous magic of the Dark Stream. He needed a man who carried the ancient blood of the cethera.

He needed Stefn Eldering.


Complex plot with a love affair so fragile, that around every turn, I was imagining it would break. This story follows the principle; you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Though Michael and Stefn are natural enemies, Michael takes Stefn as his Cethe at the insistence of Michael’s best friend, Prince Severyn. Stefn has been conditioned all his life to hate h’naran as lowly and horrid spell casters. Whereas Michael knows Stefn’s family is notorious for their repression and extermination of his people. With Stefn’s initial use of hate slurs toward Michael, its doubtful they’ll ever come together. Since a cethe is supposed to be a slave; a body from which a naragi finds his power, this shouldn’t be a problem, but over time, Stefn becomes much more than that to Michael. I was surprised at the expanse of time that lapses in this book, but since the plot encompasses a slow takeover by Prince Severyn, it makes sense for a long period of time to pass in order for all the pieces to come together. Although the characters are involved in the political maneuvering for the coup, the focus is still on the impossible love affair between Michael and Stefn. In addition to the romance, the sex scenes in this book are extraordinary. If there’s ever a sequel, I’ll be more than happy to reread this book.

RATING: Crazy about it!


Captive, Dark Erotica, Dark M/M Fantasy, Dub-con, Enemies to Lovers, Forced Prostitution, Humiliation, Kidnapping, Non-con, POV of Aggressor, POV of Victim, sex ritual, Slave, Taboo






Book Review: Nami by Victoria Zagar

TITLE: NamiNami

AUTHOR: Victoria Zagar

PUBLISHER: Wilde City Press

LENGTH: 58 Pages


The Empire is sweeping the land, taking cities and towns by force. Nami, a young priest dedicated to the Goddess Ceres, is ready to sacrifice himself as Numidia falls, but his slave, lover, and protector Avan saves Nami from the temple flames against his will.

Alive and outraged, Nami travels to the city of Gran Terra to consult the Great Temple, but Avan’s love is changing Nami’s worldview. When he sees the Great Temple has become a hive of greed and indulgence, he challenges the idea of dying for a deity. However, the High Priest has another idea, and Nami will have to find every ounce of strength inside himself if he’s to escape the Temple alive with Avan by his side.


I’ve been thinking of reading this author for some time now. I decided to take a chance on Nami since it is pretty short and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed in any way. Avan is a slave who has been charged with sacrificing his master, Nami, to the gods. However Avan loves Nami too much to go through with it and saves him instead. The two flee but realize they have no money and nowhere to go. The end up in the hands of priests from another land who have much crueler practices.

I liked this book mostly for the world building. Though it was short, I really had a good feel for the fantasy world the author creates. Also, despite there being negligible character building, I liked and connected with the characters. As a side note, there is noncon in this story. However, it’s not graphic, gratuitous, nor is it used as a romantic device. This was a great story overall and I would recommend it to anyone who likes dark m/m fantasy.

RATING: Liked it 🙂


Dark M/M Fantasy, Human Sacrifice, M/M Fantasy, Non-con, sex ritual, Slave








Book Review: Reifu Rising

TITLE:     Reifu Rising8039386

AUTHOR:     Becca Abbott

PUBLISHER:     Fan Fiction

LENGTH:     424 Pages


This is a sci-fi/vamp story. It’s about visitors to a new world, running from their enemies, inhabited by primitive humans living by strict religious rules. After an illegal human hunt Sid,a thief, is taken by the Crown Prince, Loki, as a pet. What ensues is a great adventure encompassing the vampires, the humans who live without technology and a secret group trying to rule over everyone.

Loki was an ilthiyan prince, one of the vampire race who existed uneasily with the humans on the planet of Gaia. In the middle of a hunt on human lands, he captured a spirited young human male. Sid was a thief and an outcast, and to be captured by a vampire seemed only the latest misfortune in a life defined by them. But Loki decided to keep Sid instead of kill him and that decision would thrust them both into a whirlwind of treachery, intrigue — and love.


Such an awesome book; I loved it. Although Sid lives in a world where vampires colonize humans for their food source, Sid is far from being livestock. He is wild and strangely appealing to the vampire prince Loki who captures him. I wondered at first if Stockholm Syndrome was at play, but there seems to be something more biological, like a chemical reaction. If love was a drug, this is the only way to really describe it. I was completely drawn in by Loki’s transformation as a character. His ability to put himself in Sid’s shoes and to realize the hurt he caused him was heartbreaking and perfect. I was also drawn to Sid’s pain and insecurities as well as his ability to submit even though it was not what Loki asked of him. This book was full of action and had a solid plot within a very vivid and appealing world, but the main appeal was the love between Loki and Sid. If only there was a sequel.

RATING: Crazy about it! I will read it again!


Captive, Dark Erotica, Dark M/M Fantasy, Dub-con, Humiliation, Kidnapping, M/M Fantasy, Non-con, POV of Agressor, POV of Victim, Slave, Unpublished Book