M/M Dark Erotica on KU

It’s not always easy to find authors who write m/m dark erotica and dark BDSM on KU.  So, I’ve put together a list of books I’ve read, written, or have had recommended to me. This list is by no means comprehensive. So, if you know of other m/m dark erotica authors, please feel free to comment or message me. Thanks and enjoy! ~ J. Johanis

Adrienne Wilder (Dark Erotica/BDSM ~ Everything on KU)

Bey Deckard  (Dark Themes/BDSM ~ 10 Books on KU)

J. Johanis (Dark Erotica/BDSM ~ 1 Series on KU)

Claimed by the Order (S-Gods #1)Dream God (S-Gods Book 2)

K.A. Merikan (Dark Themes/Kink ~ 39 Books on KU)


Brina Brady (BDSM ~ Everything on KU)

Kora Knight (BDSM ~ Everything on KU)

Brad Vance (Some Dark Themes ~ Everything on KU-FOR A LIMITED TIME!)

Kol Anderson (Dark Erotica ~ Everything on KU)

Lia Black (Dark Erotica ~ 2 Books on KU)