Book Review: Every Good Thing by M Jules Aedin

TITLE:     Every Good ThingEvery Good Thing

AUTHOR:     M Jules Aedin


LENGTH:     246 Pages


Raised in a strict religion that forbids association with foreigners as well as love between men, Arieh Sef’ea cannot imagine a worse fate than to be sold as a love-slave to a Keshen soldier. Both men must learn that bodies may be purchased, but hearts must be won.


This book begins with Arieh being auctioned off as a slave. Enitan is a Keshan soldier, but when he sees Arieh, he knows he’s the perfect one to be his lover and he buys him. Though Enitan has other slaves, Arieh is special and a challenge. Arieh holds a firm belief that two men together is wrong, but Enitan cannot be with him until Arieh falls in love with him.

First of all, book was recommended to me by someone in the Goodreads GLBT Fantasy group. I’m definitely glad I read it, but it was very hard for me to swallow the beginning. I felt so bad for Arieh and I really disliked his master; not because he was cruel, but just for his impatience and for the simple fact that he owned slaves. However, over time I grew to respect his choices and began to like him. This situation is very similar to many arranged marriages in the Middle East where the woman often has no choice about her husband. The man must pay a bride price for her, and then she is delivered to him on their wedding night. The difference between those marriages and this story is that the men in arranged marriages rarely have patience with the girl. They take her to their bed the first night. So in the world M. Jules has created, Enitan is following the rules of society and is so very kind to his beloved (although purchased) spouse Arieh. Aside from the love affair, the intrigue in this story built and kept me interested until the end.

RATING: I liked it!


Captive, Dark Erotica, Dark M/M Fantasy, Dub-con, Kidnapping, Slave








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