Book Review: Reifu Rising

TITLE:     Reifu Rising8039386

AUTHOR:     Becca Abbott

PUBLISHER:     Fan Fiction

LENGTH:     424 Pages


This is a sci-fi/vamp story. It’s about visitors to a new world, running from their enemies, inhabited by primitive humans living by strict religious rules. After an illegal human hunt Sid,a thief, is taken by the Crown Prince, Loki, as a pet. What ensues is a great adventure encompassing the vampires, the humans who live without technology and a secret group trying to rule over everyone.

Loki was an ilthiyan prince, one of the vampire race who existed uneasily with the humans on the planet of Gaia. In the middle of a hunt on human lands, he captured a spirited young human male. Sid was a thief and an outcast, and to be captured by a vampire seemed only the latest misfortune in a life defined by them. But Loki decided to keep Sid instead of kill him and that decision would thrust them both into a whirlwind of treachery, intrigue — and love.


Such an awesome book; I loved it. Although Sid lives in a world where vampires colonize humans for their food source, Sid is far from being livestock. He is wild and strangely appealing to the vampire prince Loki who captures him. I wondered at first if Stockholm Syndrome was at play, but there seems to be something more biological, like a chemical reaction. If love was a drug, this is the only way to really describe it. I was completely drawn in by Loki’s transformation as a character. His ability to put himself in Sid’s shoes and to realize the hurt he caused him was heartbreaking and perfect. I was also drawn to Sid’s pain and insecurities as well as his ability to submit even though it was not what Loki asked of him. This book was full of action and had a solid plot within a very vivid and appealing world, but the main appeal was the love between Loki and Sid. If only there was a sequel.

RATING: Crazy about it! I will read it again!


Captive, Dark Erotica, Dark M/M Fantasy, Dub-con, Humiliation, Kidnapping, M/M Fantasy, Non-con, POV of Agressor, POV of Victim, Slave, Unpublished Book



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