Book Review: That’s What Brothers Do by Derikica Snake

TITLE:     That’s What Brothers DoTWBD

AUTHOR:     Derikica Snake


LENGTH:     151


The road to hell is paved with good intentions. In order to save his sister, he sold his body. To save his family, he sold his future and finally to save his love, he sold his soul.


Extremely emotional. As a young boy of fourteen, Brant saves his sisters from prostitution by offering himself up in their place. Though he is used daily for years to pay off his father’s debt, Brant falls in love with his master and pimp, Wilber. At the end of his contract, Wilber offers another deal, but nothing is as it appears. Wilber had been his protector for all these years, but Brant finds that Wilber cannot protect him from everything. His sacrifice to his family has led him down a violent road of abuse and there’s no coming back. Though this book has a happy ending, I was dismayed by the lack of justice for those who hurt and used Brant.

RATING: Really liked it!


Abuse, Barely Legal, BDSM, Dark Erotica, Dub-con, Forced Prostitution, Humiliation, Kidnapping, Non-con, POV of Victim, Sex Trafficking, Slave




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